ETA Purchases a Company Hybrid Car
Based on its green purchase policy, ETA procured a hybrid car in December 2013. Learn more>>

ETA Participates in a Climate Related Conference at Strathmore University
ETA was invited by Kenya Climate Innovation Center, an initiative of World Bank, to participate in a conference and exhibition on 9 December 2013 at Strathmore University. The title of this event was “New Ventures in Climate Technology: Innovation from Developing Countries”. Learn more>>

ETA Participates in a Conservation-Related Symposium
ETA participated in a conservation-related symposium at Japan Information and Culture Center on 6 December 2013. This event was called “Leopards, National Park and Communities: Toward Co-Existence of Wildlife and Human Societies”. Learn more>>

ETA Co-facilitates Solid Waste Management Workshops with JICA
With Japan International Cooperation Agency Expert Team (JET), ETA co-facilitated two workshops in November 2013. They were about solid waste management of a Community-Based Organization (CBO) in Kibera, Nairobi. Learn more>>

Completion of a Socioeconomics Survey of Horticulture Farmers in Kenya
In October, ETA completed a socioeconomic survey for the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) of Japan. The survey covered small horticultural farmers in the flower industry. ETA successfully (1) managed all the field work logistics, (2) interviewed about 300 households at various locations in Kenya using comprehensive interview sheets, (3) collected 600 soil samples for agricultural nutrient tests, and (4) performed data management in Microsoft Access.