One core business area of Environmental Technology Africa (ETA) is the implementation or the support for implementation of commercially viable and environmentally and socially minded waste management and energy-related projects. We therefore provide a full range of services to support the implementation of your project – from identification of market needs, development of a differentiated business idea, assessment of available technology, development of bankable business plans and finance arrangement, to the installation of devises and equipment and operation of the facility.

Identification of market needs: Considering regulatory requirements and policy trends of the region, ETA identifies specific social, environmental and commercial market needs that are result from market analysis of local and multinational companies in East Africa.

Development of differentiated business ideas, including commercially viable technology assessment: Based on identified market needs, ETA develops business ideas that include local and international stakeholders, through specifying market niches with targeted clients, assessing locally and internationally available technologies, and approaching suppliers of assessed devices and equipment.

Development of business plan: ETA also develops bankable business plans through designing products and services, conducting market research, analyzing results, performing technology evaluations, studying the economics of the business, drawing up marketing plans and operations plans, proposing the management structure and overall time lines, identifying critical risks, developing the financial plan (including financial modeling of key parameters, scenario analysis, etc.), estimating proposed company’s offering, etc.

Finance arrangement and installation of devices and equipment: ETA finances its project or assists in financing clients’ projects based on their business plan through grant applications, and through debt and equity to cover initial investment and operational costs. We also make necessary administrative arrangements such as customs, insurance, and tax, as well as arranging permits to install waste processing machines, and energy-related devices and equipments.

Operation of the facility: ETA also operates facilities with installed waste processing machines and energy-related devices and equipment, in accordance with their business plans. The operational interest of ETA includes, but is not limited to, waste management, hazardous waste incineration (such as medical, horticultural and general industrial wastes), compost of biodegradable waste; recycling of paper, cans, glasses, and electronic wastes as well as the collection of those reusable or recyclable materials; and energy efficiency facility management through appropriate heat recovery systems, energy-saving low technology, and renewable energy.