Tarek Genena

Dr. Tarek Genena is the president of EcoConServ, the largest environmental and development consultancy firm of Egypt. He has over 20 years experience as an environmental and development professional. Formerly, he served as National Project Director for the Technical Cooperation Office for the Environment in the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA). EcoConServ has implemented a large number of environmental and development projects, including: waste management projects for numerous national and international industries, organizations and institutions; policy analysis for a National Program of Action for Solid Waste Management in Egypt to the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs; technical services to implement solid waste management privatization in Egyptian governorates; research and environmental ODA (Official Development Assistance) analysis for the Japanese government (subcontracted for a project of Japanese Ministry of the Environment); and solid waste related bilateral projects for Italy and Germany.

He holds a PhD in Applied Sciences (Cairo University – Egypt).


Daniel Malonza

Mr. Daniel Malonza is an Environmental Health Manager with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, USA. He is a regulatory specialist dealing with environmental compliance assessments and guidance, multi-media compliance planning, environmental audits, environmental management systems, and permitting. He has broad international work experiences in the public and private sectors including with the Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya; British American Tobacco in Kenya; and UNEP. His expertise includes chemical use and safety, environmental health and safety, program management, and biodiversity.

He holds a BSc. in Agriculture (Egerton University – Kenya).