Guest Speaker at JETRO’s Seminar on the “Current Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and its Challenges
On 11 November 2015, ETA’s Managing Director was invited to speak at JETRO’s seminar on the current economy in Sub-Saharan Africa held in Osaka, Japan. The seminar’s purpose was to inform attendees about businesses in the environmental sector in East Africa and legal considerations in starting business operations in those countries. As one of three speakers, ETA characterized the environmental sector and industry in Kenya and East Africa while explaining relevant environmental regulatory trends in those countries.
Images of the event

Joint Credit Mechanism Project Opportunities Development
On 29 May 2015, ETA attended an informational meeting about Ministry of the Environment, Japan grant schemes for Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM) projects. The Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) facilitated and the Ministry of the Environment, Japan funded the meeting and anticipated JCM projects will be facilitated and funded in a similar collaboration. JCM is a carbon credit mechanism of the Government of Japan. The mechanism is similar to the internationally recognized Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), JCM uniquely takes a bilateral approach, requiring involvement of a cooperating government for project document development and evaluation. Approximately 300 participants from private sector companies and research institutes were present at the meeting, and ETA discussed possible JCM project business development opportunities in East Africa.
Basic concept of the JCM
Link to the event’s website (Available in Japanese only)

Business Development at Tokyo Expositions
From 26 to 29 of May 2015, ETA participated in the 24th New Environmental Exposition 2015 and the seventh Global Warming Prevention Exposition 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. These two expos together are considered to be one of the largest environmental expositions in Asia, with more than 150,000 total visitors for the four days. ETA discussed in detail project opportunities in Africa with executives and business developers of selected 30 companies out of 600 exhibitors.
Link to New Environmental Exposition 2015
Link to Global Warming Prevention Exposition 2015 (Available in Japanese only)

Live Radio Broadcast
On 16 May 2015, ETA’s director gave an interview on NHK, a state-run radio and TV station in Japan. During this live radio broadcast, he talked about an upcoming Kenyan environmental regulation on vehicles emission (especially carbon dioxide). ETA’s director additionally provided some background, such as existing Kenyan regulations on sulfur and lead in vehicle fuels. He explained how different stakeholders in and out of the country would be for or against this regulation, and how regulation advocates need to identify ways to build a strong coalition for its support.
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Uploaded radio on YouTube (available in Japanese only)

Presentation at JETRO
On 24 April 2015, ETA gave a talk about “Environmental Business Industry in East Africa” for members of the Japanese Business Association Kenya at the Nairobi Office of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Of the various ETA services offerings, ETA mainly spoke about (1) environmental due diligence, (2) environmental & social impact assessment and (3) energy management system. Other services presented were related to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, green buildings, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy making for biodiversity.
Photos from the event

Presentation at International Development Solutions Inc.
On 15 March 2015, ETA was invited by the International Development Solutions Inc. to deliver a talk about the “Environmental Business Industry in Africa” at their office in Tokyo, Japan. International Development Solutions Inc. is a consulting firm working in the international aid sector. The two-hour long workshop consisted of an hour of ETA’s presentation and the other hour of questions and answers. At this event, ETA described the recent business growth in Africa, the trend of international aid in East Africa, and the environmental consulting business in the region. The audience ranged from university students to experts working in law firms, consulting companies, trading firms, international aid organizations, and governmental organizations.