ETA Participates in a Climate Related Conference at Strathmore University
On 9 December 2013, Kenya Climate Innovation Center, an initiative of the World Bank, invited ETA to attend a conference and exhibition at Strathmore University. This event, called, “New Ventures in Climate Technology: Innovation from Developing Countries,” focused on challenges and the future of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Kenya. With the World Bank, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, and other key players in this sector, ETA discussed how to increase involvement of private companies from Kenya and abroad into this initiative.
Agenda of the event
Images of the event

ETA Participates in a Conservation-Related Symposium
On 6 December 2013, ETA participated in a conservation-related symposium, called “Leopards, National Park and Communities: Toward Co-Existence of Wildlife and Human Societies” at Japan Information and Culture Center. The symposium was facilitated by Embassy of Japan in Kenya and Nairobi Research Station of Japan Society for Promotion of Science. Experts from Kyoto University, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Eseriani Wildlife Association gave presentations about human-wildlife conflicts in outskirts of Nairobi National Park and its possible solutions. ETA exchanged ideas about differentiated ecotourism with the speakers and other participating experts.
Agenda of the event
Images of the event

ETA Co-facilitates Solid Waste Management Workshops with JICA
On 21 and 25 November 2013, Japan International Cooperation Agency Expert Team (JET), and ETA co-facilitated two workshops on solid waste management for a Community-Based Organization (CBO) in Kibera, Nairobi. The first workshop was held for representatives of the CBO to identify areas of improvement for CBO operations. The discussion was mainly based on ETA’s findings from monitoring CBO’s waste management activities during the previous four months. Following the results of this first workshop, JET and ETA organized another workshop for all CBO members to discuss actions to improve their operations and to prioritize those actions.
Images of the event on 25 November 2013
Images of the event on 21 November 2013

ETA Facilitates Public Meetings in Mukuru and Kibera Slums
On 5 and 12 July 2013, ETA assisted Nairobi City County (NCC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency Expert Team (JET) prepare and facilitate several large public meetings in Mukuru and Kibera Slums. These meetings were organized for the “Pilot Project of Waste Collection and Transportation in Slum Areas in Cooperation with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).” The pilot project is a part of a bilateral government project between the Government of Kenya and the Government of Japan.
Images of the workshop in Kibera Slum
Images of the workshop in Mukuru Slum

ETA’s Director Speaks at a University in Tokyo
On 20 May 2013, ETA was invited as a guest speaker to a university in Tokyo, Japan. ETA’s director gave a speech about his business in Africa. Subsequently, an open dialogue discussion was held on business opportunities in Africa, general business administration, and ideas for individual career development in an open dialogue.
Image of the event

ETA Staff’s Waste Incineration Business Idea Selected as a Finalist in a Business Plan Competition
On 19 May 2013, ETA’s staff gave a presentation to “African Social Business School 2013” about his business idea for waste incineration in Uganda. His business idea was selected as a finalist of this business plan competition. This event was organized by a nonprofit organization called Millennium Promise Japan, as a side event of The Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V), a regular international conference led by Government of Japan in collaboration with the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other international organizations.
Scheme of the business plan competition (available in Japanese only)
Announcement about the result of the competition (available in Japanese only)