African Initiative for Combating Desertification: ETA with 7 countries from Horn of Africa
(Tokyo, Japan & Kenya. March): Oriental Consultants Global Co. Ltd. and ETA entered into a service agreement for ETA to provide consulting services to promote African Initiative for Combating Desertification to Strengthen Resilience to Climate Change in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa. ETA is coordinator of seven countries from Horn of Africa, i.e. Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Kenya.

Japanese Healthcare Method Implementation in Kenya by Grand Forest Japan
(Nakuru and Nairobi, Kenya. March): ETA was contracted by Grand Forest Japan Hospital and Dream World Healthcare Programme to support their logistics in Kenya for one year to develop their business in urban areas and non-profit oriented activities in rural areas.

Tobidase! Japan Project: Connecting Kenyan Private Sector Companies to Japan
(Saitama, Japan and Nairobi, Kenya. February): Within “Tobidase! Japan Project”, a project financed by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and administered by IC Net Ltd., ETA investigated more than 300 private sector companies in six business sectors in Kenya and developed a database for potential private sector engagement between Kenya and Japan.

Japanese ICU and Telemedicine to Kenya against COVID19
(Kobe, Japan and Nairobi, Kenya. February): Within a bilateral government project between Kenya and Japan funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), C.D.C. International Corp. Ltd. (Japan-based consultancy firm) assigned ETA for “Data Collection Survey on the Use of ICU Telemedicine in Pandemic Situations”. This project aims to bring the pre-fabricated buildings equipped with all the necessary devices for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) from Japan to Kenyan including tele medicine support to increase the capacity of Kenyan public healthcare facilities against COVID19.

Medical & Hazardous Waste Incinerator for Nairobi: First Contract with Japan Techno
(Tokyo, Japan & Nairobi, Kenya. February): Japan Techno Co., Ltd., a consulting firm in Japan, awarded the first contract to ETA for “On-site Project Management for Project for the Construction of Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste Appropriate Processing Plant in Nairobi”.