ETA Interviewed by Development Engine
(Tokyo, Japan. March): ETA was interviewed by a non-profit organization called “e-Education” which focuses on educational disparities in developing countries. The interview was published in the online magazine called “Development Engine” (available in Japanese only), a distinguished platform for outstanding social and environmental projects in developing countries. The article additionally talks about business and international aid trends in East Africa over the last few decades as well as the history of ETA.

Presentation to International Development Solutions Inc.
(Tokyo, Japan. 15 March): International Development Solutions Inc. invited ETA to give a presentation about “Environmental Business Industry in Africa” at their office in Tokyo, Japan. Learn more>>

Contract Renewed with LIXIL Corporation for a Water and Sanitation Project
(Nairobi, Kenya. January and February): LIXIL Corporation, the largest housing and building materials company in Japan, awarded ETA the third contract for their water & sanitation project in Kenya. This assignment involved regulatory research on urban development restrictions for wildlife protection, among five other tasks.

Successful Completion of a Battery Restoration Project
(Nairobi, Kenya. January): ETA successfully completed a one-year contract to support Environmental Life Technology Limited in a battery restoration project in the context of rural electrification. ETA’s services included the following:

  1. Desk investigations and in-person interviews with the National Environment Management Agency of Kenya to research (a) lead battery disposal and restoration regulations, and (b) environmental impact assessment procedures..
  2. Market analysis of used batteries in Nairobi and identification of their original sources.
  3. Assistance in procurement and sales of used batteries.
  4. Skills transfer training to local partners regarding client’s products assembly.