ETA’s Activities for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In June 2019, ETA made its annual donation to Kenya Students’ Educational Scholarship (KESTES) as one of the activities for its corporate social responsibility.

In June 2017 & 2018, ETA made a commitment to Kenya Students’ Educational Scholarship (KESTES) for a long-term support as one of the activities for its corporate social responsibility after some years of individual contributions to KESTES. ETA requested KESTES to continue its effort to carefully select the candidates for the scholarship based on their financial needs and their enthusiastic efforts. ETA also wishes that the scholars from different families and towns in Kenya will get an opportunity to enjoy the time in the secondary school with the support of KESTES and they will contribute to the society when they grow up.

In December 2016 & September 2017, ETA investigated projects of Elfu Bob Club. The “Elfu Bob Club” (elfu=thousand & bob=Kenyan Shilling (KES)) was formed in Nairobi in August 2003. KES 1000 (or KES 500 from those who can afford less) was collected each month from individual members of Elfu Bob Club. 100% of the funds collected went directly to projects in Kenya. The members of Elfu Bob Club were young enthusiastic volunteers in Kenya who came from various countries and worked in different organizations at that time (from 2003 to 2008). Each month, the club supported a different worthwhile project. ETA made an inventory list of those projects. Based on this result, ETA will consider future CSR activities.

In November 2014: In November, ETA purchased one- and three-watt LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) bulbs following its green purchase policy established in 2012 in order to replace the lighting bulbs in the office. These LED bulbs are twice or three times more energy-efficient than conventional energy saving lamps and about ten times more efficient than conventional normal lamps.

Based on the same green policy, ETA made business cards from outdated calendars and also gave 50kg of used paper from the office to a paper recycling facility. It included office paper, newspaper, carton, booklets, magazines, etc.
 Images of the LED bulbs and used paper

In December 2013: Following its green purchase policy, ETA procured a hybrid car. For commuting to work, ETA continues offering corporate bicycles to its employees.
Images of the event

In August- September 2013: Based on its green purchase policy, ETA extensively investigated environmentally-friendly office paper. ETA finally got access to and started using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and post-consumer paper, which was procured in Nairobi. ETA had also procured bicycles for its employees for commuting to work.
Images of the event

On 5 and 13 July 2013: ETA participated in clean-up campaigns in Mukuru and Kibera slums. In both occasions, ETA’s staff worked with the residents in these areas to remove waste from streets, drainage, channels and dumpsites for clean living environment of the residents. The activities raise awareness of residents on the importance of a cleaner environment and improvement of their hygiene.
Images of the event

On 17 August 2012: ETA conducted a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity upon request of the “University of Nairobi Geography Students Society (UNGSS)”. ETA’s staff visited the members of the society in their university compound and gave a training session how to use GPS (Global Positioning System) equipments. Subsequently, they also received field survey training in Korogocho Slum to learn how to prepare a questionnaire, how to decide roles in a survey team, and how to undertake an interview.
Images of the event

On 15 July 2012: ETA undertook a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity for a youth group, Unistar Enterprise in Raila Village of Kibera Slum. ETA provided a voluntary consulting service to develop its recycling-related business concept. The support was provided from 25 March to the end of August 2012.
Images of the event

On 25 September 2011: ETA conducted a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity, a charity football tournament for children in Tsunami / Earthquake area in Japan, who were affected by the 3.11 East-Japan Earthquake.
Images of the charity event
Images of the voluntary activities in Tsunami / Earthquake area
Image of the ceremony in Fukushima on 1 July 2012